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iRateMyDate is an easy way to Manage, Rate and Compare your dates. Why go on a second date if he or she dosen't rate? We all have a mental checklist of qualities we are looking for in a date or mate don't we? No need to compromise with iRateMyDate you can store those qualities and rate your dates against them. Or if you think a date has potential and you think you need a few dates to assess them. iRateMyDate gives you a way to track changes from date to date and see if they truly are what you are looking for. Do you find yourself dating a certain zodiac sign? The app will reveal your dating patterns. Perhaps you have a busy dating life and have 2 or 3 people you like.


iRateMyDate gives you the tools to do a side by side comparison assessing compatibility based on your desired qualites. Allowing you to see who most fits your needs. How many times have you asked yourself...was he worth shaving my legs? Was she worth missing the game? Evaluating your lovelife is made simple and clear with the iRateMyDate system that provides you with an easy to use tool to manage your dating life.

Step 1 -You set up the list of qualities you look for in a date.
Step 2 - Manage your dates upload date photo, horoscope, date descriptions and scheduling new dates
Step 3 - Rate your dates against those qualities you identifed.
Step 4 - Compare your dates. Track the changes and compare progress from dating event to dating event. Also side by side comparison of the rates of multiple people you are dating.

Is there a pattern in the zodiac signs or horoscope signs of the people you date? Perhaps certain signs are a no/no for you?